With the focus set on creating a unique shopping experience for the customer, Bed & Beyond have put forth a wide range of branded products like Duroflex, that are of the finest quality in today’s market. What more, competitive prices and knowledgeable, well-trained associates only add to the unparalleled user-experience that we have designed for you.

In the last four decades, Mattress Masters (wholesale division) has grown to new heights, which has been augmented with the addition of Bed & Beyond (retail division) stores in 2012. By 2015, Bed & Beyond has been able to own and operate units in over seven locations in Kochi and Kozhikode and is considered the largest independent retailer in Kerala.

Whether you have backaches, snoring problems or just have trouble falling asleep, Bed & Beyond now has more options like Duroflex mattresses to help you let go of all your woes and drift off to sleep without hassles. With new research confirming the vital link between adequate sleep and sound health. Bed & Beyond has responded to the growing demand for speciality mattresses by customizing mattresses according to customer needs.

Mattress Masters (wholesale division) currently operates at over 280 locations across Kerala and Bed & Beyond (retail division) has a presence in seven locations with more to come. What began in 1971 as a humble venture has today, grown to become one of the largest and most successful speciality bedding companies in the country.
We expect more change in the years to come. But what will stay with us, is the endeavour that began it all – a spirit that challenges and motivates us to keep innovating and continuously strive for better sleep and allied comfort products.



We value presence, practice openness, and respect vulnerability.


We place well-being above profits. We contribute to better sleep, better health,  and relief from pain and fear.


We offer accurate information to support conscious choices. What we don’t know, we admit, and what we find out, we share.


We acknowledge our support from this beautiful earth, and we are accountable for our impact.



  • We create exceptional products, with consciously-sourced materials, that contribute to comfort, rest, and relief from pain.


  • We believe that better sleep and trusting relationships inspire people, and that inspired people can change the world.